Kingdom End of Year Show 2016


Join us the a fabulous day! All branches of Irish Pony Club are welcome.

Schedule of classes:

  1. Cross poles
  2. 60cm
  3. 70cm
  4. 80cm
  5. 90cm
  6. 1m

Novelty classes:

  1. Team Show Jumping*
  2. Relay
  3. Accumulator

Fantastic Prizes in all classes donated by the branch and our generous sponsors.

Neat turn out is expected. See Pony Club Tack Sheet for Show jumping. There will be a tack inspection to pass before access to warm-up arena. There will be a special prize for best turn out rider and pony.

Entry fees:

  • 10 euro per class for Class 1 to 6.
  • 10 euro per team of 4 for Class 7 ( 2.50 per rider)
  • 5 euro for classes 8 and 9


*Team Show Jumping Competition rules

Amazing prizes!!!! Sponsored by Kelliher’s, Clash, Tralee

      1st prize: 4 x winter rugs!!!!

  • Show jumping teams must be named and declared at the start of the day. Each team must comprise 2 members jumping under 80 cm and 2 jumping 80 cm or over.
  • Mixed branches teams are allowed.
  • The results will be calculated by adding the 4 rider’s results from class 1 to 6. If riders intend to ride in more than 1 class (class 1 to 6) they must declare which is to be his/her counting score before they ride (no picking the best score!).
  • In case of a tie, the teams will go in a special decider round.


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