In order to take part in Pony Club activities, your pony must be properly vaccinated. We will carry out spot checks at rallies and camp. You must always carry your pony’s passport in the car when transporting it, so you should have it with you…

At all official competitions, you will be required to show his passport and vaccinations will be scrutinised as stabling is often provided at racecourses, where these things are taken very seriously. There is nothing worse than travelling to the other side of the country and be turned away on arrival. So take a minute to check your passport now.

“All ponies must have received:

(1)  A Primary Course of TWO injections not less than 21 days or more than 92 days apart.

(2)  A First Booster must be given 5 – 7 months (not less than 150 days and not more than 215 days) after the second injection of the Primary Course.

(3)  Thereafter, Annual Boosters are to be given not more than 12 months apart.

(4)  Vaccination within 7 days prior to entering the Racecourse Stables is NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ANY vaccination.

(5)  If at any time an injection is given later than is required under these rules, the whole sequence must be started from the beginning, including the 5 – 7 month booster.  If you are unsure, please ask your vet to check your vaccinations NOW.” quoted from Pony Club Head Office 2017

In layman’s term,initial sequence is:

  •  on day 0 1st vacc.
  • 1 month later 2nd vacc.
  • 6 months later 3rd vacc

after that give 1 vacc. every 12 month ( less than 12 months is ok, 12 months plus 1 day late is not and you have to start from scratch)

note: SJI demands boosters every 6 months.


Plan your summer with us!

Take a look at the updated calendar for all the activities planned this summer! It ‘s going to be a busy one! More will be added in the coming days regarding C+ test and additionnal XC training. We are also trying to plan a big hack with maybe an overnight stay somewhere, something to suit everyone. So keep an eye on this website and alsao on our facebook page. All activities will be listed on itsplainsailing, our online booking facility, for you to book as soon as possible. It’s going to be GGGGreat summer!!!

Kilguilkey Hunter Trial

Date announced for next sunday the 8th of April. Anyone aiming to the HT championships, the Minimus or tetrathlon teams or Eventing this summer really should go. Added bonus of quiet ponies for camp the day after!

Hunter Trials and Pony Club Championship

The season is kicking off!

waking the course

A few pointers for our members:

  • The Championships are in Annaharvey on Saturday 22nd April. Familiarise yourselves with the rules and tack sheets and remember you must have your C test to take part.
  • There are a lot of Hunter Trials on at the moment. I have added them to our calendar of events. Note that they are not all suitable for first timers. For first timers I would recommend Aghabullogue, Templemartin, Kilguilkey and Ballycahane as they have  nice enclosed first timers courses.
  • If you want a bit of help at these non- Pony Club events, Laura Collins will be in Clonshire HT on Holy Thursday and Aghabullogue on Easter Sunday. Gaelle will be at Ballycahane on 2nd April.
  • We are planning a schooling and mini Hunter Trial for our youngest members during the Easter break, weather allowing, in Tralee at Joe Arthurs. Provisionnaly  earmarked for the second week of break.

Intro to Minimus and Tetrathlon

Join us thursday 23rd of february to discover what all the fuss is about!

Open to all riders who can swim, run and jump a small course of fences.

Day planner:

from 9am,

ponies can be checked in and stabled in Woodlands Equestrian.

10am Run Phase;

Meet at “the Demesne” Killarney, across from the cathedral, in the field beside the playground.

11am Swim phase

The Leisure Centre, on the ring road

12.30pm Lunch

Mac Donald

2pm Show Jumping phase


There will be 3 levels of competition on offer on the day:

Please indicate which level you want to enter in the comment box when doing your online booking

Newcomers/ Fledglings Run 750m, Swim 1m30s, SJ 60 cm max

Minimus Run 1000m, Swim 2 minutes, SJ 780cm max

Tetrathlon Run 1500m, Swim 3minutes, SJ 90cm max

General info

Parents, sorry no drop and go on that day! We will need your help to run the day, supervise and transport to different venues. Car pooling can be organised in advance or in Woodlands before the Run phase.

Prepare your gear for each phase in separate bags and well in advance!

Make sure you wear old runners for the run phase as it can get mucky… have wipes/ towels to clean up before going to the pool! Spare socks are a must.

Don’t forget hat and goggles and couple of towels for the pool ( there might be some waiting on side lines so have an extra towel so you don’t get cold).

Price of lunch is not included in the entry fee. If someone has a better suggestion than Mac Donald at similar cost and speed please let us know!

Minimus and Tetrathon are usually run over a XC course but for the purpose of the day we will have the riding phase over a SJ course indoors. We will try to incorporate elements such as a gate and a slip rail within the course. The warm up will be under instruction and you will get to try the fences that are new to you and your pony. The aim of the day is to have fun and learn about the format of a great “all rounder” competition.

Entry is €20 for the day for all 3 phases. This is heavily subsidised by the Kingdom branch in order to encourage you all to take part.

If you want to try the SJ course only, cost will be €15 . Priority will be given to 3 phase competitors if numbers warrant it.

Open to other branches members with active 2017 membership.

Rules of tetrathlon




Rallies at Eagle Lodge

Mighty Minis
Mighty Minis

With Mary and /or Alannah Bradley. 1/2 hour Stable management followed by 1 hour riding.

These traditional rallies are at the core of the Pony Club horsemanship learning. A must for all our young riders and those preparing exams this year.

You can hire a pony directly from Eagle Lodge if transporting yours is a problem.

These rallies will only go ahead with a minimum of  4 riders.

If numbers justify it we will split the groups over different Saturdays.

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