In order to take part in Pony Club activities, your pony must be properly vaccinated. We will carry out spot checks at rallies and camp. You must always carry your pony’s passport in the car when transporting it, so you should have it with you…

At all official competitions, you will be required to show his passport and vaccinations will be scrutinised as stabling is often provided at racecourses, where these things are taken very seriously. There is nothing worse than travelling to the other side of the country and be turned away on arrival. So take a minute to check your passport now.

“All ponies must have received:

(1)  A Primary Course of TWO injections not less than 21 days or more than 92 days apart.

(2)  A First Booster must be given 5 – 7 months (not less than 150 days and not more than 215 days) after the second injection of the Primary Course.

(3)  Thereafter, Annual Boosters are to be given not more than 12 months apart.

(4)  Vaccination within 7 days prior to entering the Racecourse Stables is NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR ANY vaccination.

(5)  If at any time an injection is given later than is required under these rules, the whole sequence must be started from the beginning, including the 5 – 7 month booster.  If you are unsure, please ask your vet to check your vaccinations NOW.” quoted from Pony Club Head Office 2017

In layman’s term,initial sequence is:

  •  on day 0 1st vacc.
  • 1 month later 2nd vacc.
  • 6 months later 3rd vacc

after that give 1 vacc. every 12 month ( less than 12 months is ok, 12 months plus 1 day late is not and you have to start from scratch)

note: SJI demands boosters every 6 months.


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