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IMG_7940Gaelle Daly ( nee Piton) has lived in Kenmare for the last 25 years, and is originaly from Caen, in Normandy, France where she learnt to ride through the French riding schools and exams system and developed a liking for dressage, show jumping and Eventing.

She tried her hand at Classical Dressage riding and went to portugal to train with a pupil of the renown Nuno Oliveira one summer when just 18. Gaelle trained to be an instructor in Normandie before moving to Ireland.

There she caught the bug of Eventing and went on the compete in all disciplines related to it up to one star level.She studied with the University of Limerick and received a Diploma in Equine Science with honours and also followed the first coaching course organised by HSI. After working for diverse yards over the years, she started her own small yard in Kenmare and trained and traded young horses for approximatly 10 years until starting her own family. Now her three children are involved in the Kingdom Pony Club and ponies have replaced horses in her back yard!

Gaelle is back coaching after updating her Coach Level 1 with Horse Sport Ireland in 2019.

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